[New Magic Item] Cage Arrows

Cage Arrows


Nysser the elf thief noticed the mangy hill giant first in the dim light of dusk. The monster was sniffing around, looking for food, no doubt. Quietly the elf turned to sneak back towards camp when he heard a strange chortle of glee, evidently the giant smelled their campfire. Realizing he only had a short sword at his side, Nysser began to scramble towards camp and began to yell.

“Hill giant is coming! Hurry, my arrows and bow!” the elf screamed as he ran into the firelight.

As the giant began grumbling and swinging his huge wooden club Koram tossed the elf his quiver and bow. Knocking a thorny arrow, Nysser lobbed an arrow high in the air.

“That will never…” began Chalk who then stood agape as the arrow exploded over the hill giant, sending thorny, barbed limbs into the ground that formed bars that held the creature.

“Quickly, we need to gather our things! He won’t be held by that forever!” Nysser urged as everyone began breaking camp.

The giant roared furiously, already bleeding from a half a dozen wounds opened up by the thorny bars to his cage.

When the elves of the Great Wilderwood learned of the constant struggles that the nearby halflings were having in dealing with bugbears, ogres and other predatory monsters they set about creating magic items that the scouts and border minders of the little people could use to get them away from danger and to warn the others to prepare for the worst. The elves made the halflings swear that they would only use these weapons against monstrous humanoids and giants and to keep them for themselves, yet it has been heard that humans and even a few orcs and goblins have had these arrows in their possession.

Benefit: Each of these slender oak or beech arrows has small thorns on its shaft that do no real damage but reveal the fact that there is something not right about these arrows. Shooting one over an opponent gives the archer a +1 to hit. The arrow then slows right over the target and quickly expands, forming a thorn barred cage of the victim of the spell. This cage will take 2d10+10 points of damage to destroy and will easily hold creatures from the size of a human to a hill giant. Arrows shot directly at a target are also +1 to hit, yet do not initiate the cage effect and merely do 1d6 damage.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a bow and arrow.

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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Cage Arrows

  1. trey says:

    My Hawkeye-inspired Archer character I used back in the day could have used an arrow like this.

    • bat says:

      I think this is residue from a spell cast on Thundarr the Barbarian that stuck in my head and makes sense for a quick, though not reliable, containment device.

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