[New Spell] Everbloom


Chalk and Koram stood in amazement as they pondered the one tree in the orchard that was laden with ripe apples. It stood out from its leafless companions in a almost radiant manner.

Do we eat the apples?” Koram asked. “They look quite delicious, but then there is something strange about a tree full of apples in spring, surrounded by dozens of trees without even a bloom.”

Knat strolled by casually and grabbed an apple from the tree. Without thinking, she took a bite and plucked a few more of the ripe fruit and put in her backpack.

Is this your doing?” Chalk asked the druidess.

No, I wish. This is a spell that eludes me. A fellow druid, Haloxis, must be around, he sometimes casts this spell to be of help and to annoy me at the same time. He excels at both,” she replied.

Everbloom (Druid)

Level 2

Range: Touch

Duration: One day per level of druid

This simple druid spell will cause any plant that is still alive (even if dormant) to magically bloom, producing fruit, flowers, vegetables, green leaves, blossoms and/or anything else that the plant normally produces when in full bloom or when the harvest is ripe. This affects lasts for one day per level of druid, in which the plant will rejuvenate and produce each day until either dispelled by the druid or the duration of the spell runs out. Any produce harvested will be robust and delicious, or in the case of some plants, potent and poisonous.

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