[New Spell] Tempted by the Faith of Another

Tempted by the Faith of Another

As usual, something isn’t right,” Chalk commented.

What makes you say that?” Koram inquired.

Well, Valance doesn’t usually wear flowers in his hair and whistle cheerfully. He is more of the skulk and play with spiders sort,” the wizard replied.

Oh, some priest of nature zapped him with a spell when we were out gathering honey and fruit,” the fighter said nonchalantly.

Zapped him?! Weird spells or not, we need him! We can’t have him humming and whistling about!” Chalk complained.

Oh, he’ll snap out of it in a day or two,” Knat said.

I hope so, we need those spiders!” the wizard lamented.

Valance smiled ear to ear and whistled inanely.

In the Endless Web Between Worlds the Spider God clacked its fangs angrily.

Tempted by the Faith of Another (Divine)

Level 5

Range: Touch

Duration: One day per level of cleric or see below

This divine spell causes the victim to consider the faith of the casting priest or cleric, no matter how far in the other direction this outlook may be. The victim must make a save versus spells at -2 to resist this spell, (-1 for clerics and paladins) otherwise this introduced faith seems rather interesting and the worth following. Clerics and paladins who fail their save and seek to delve into this new faith lose half of their spells for the duration of this enchantment, and they receive spells from their new patron. At the end of the duration of Tempted by the Faith of Another a cleric or paladin wishes to stay with this new faith all spellcasting is restored, if he or she reverts back to their original religion all spells are withheld for one month while the victim of the spell atones for this blasphemy. Those without a particular faith are 75% likely to adopt this belief system without any particular mitigating factors.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Tempted by the Faith of Another

  1. Pere Ubu says:

    Oh, good, now I have a certain song by Squeeze running through my head.


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