[New Magic Item] Livery of the Elder Cavalry of the Northern Stars

Livery of the Elder Cavalry of the Northern Stars


Five horses thundered through the village of Narski, the horses regal, the riders appearing stern and regal. The villagers crowded around, many offering stabling for the horses and rooms for the riders.

“Is there ale thrown in?” one of the riders asked. A couple of the villagers raised their eyebrows but a yokel was quick to offer a small barrel of his best brew which lightened the mood a little. One of the peasants offered to lead the horses to the best stables in town.

“Why did you ask about the ale?” hissed Chalk under his breath. “We have a great thing going here, don’t mess it up. We can fleece these rabble good!”

“Sorry, I was thirsty,” whispered Koram.

“Can we get to our rooms!” lamented Valance. “I think that this livery is giving me sores!”


A band of miscreants looted the Tower of the Northern Stars less than a decade ago, desecrating the sacred seals and bindings that were laid upon this tomb of and monument to the ancient Elder Cavalry. Among the spoils taken were several sets of livery belonging to the Elder Cavalry. Not having horses or seeing the significance themselves, the tomb robbers quickly sold this horse-garb for next to nothing. Others, those with an understanding of magic and enchantments laid upon the weapons, armor and other belongings of ancient heroes do understand that possessing such things can be a mighty boon.

Benefit: While normally appearing rather bland, once put upon a horse the steed immediately appears hale and alert and can be ridden tirelessly (by horse and rider) for up to half a day with no ill effects. In addition, anyone viewing the horse and rider (and just the rider so long as they do not stray more than 300′ from the horse and the steed retains the livery) will see them as noble and just, even if they are far from it (all viewing must make a save versus spells at -2 or be under an effect similar to the 1st level Magic-User spell, Allure, however, those who succeed the save just feel ambivalent towards the character). Lawful characters riding a horse with the Livery of the Elder Cavalry of the Northern Stars gain a +1 on all combat rolls while the livery is on the horse and they are within 300′ of the animal. Neutral characters gain no specific benefit other than the appearance granted by the livery and Chaotic individuals suffer a -1 on all combat rolls and take one hit point of damage per day that they are riding a horse wearing this raiment. Of course the forces of Chaos have a similar magic item, Tainted Livery, that, instead of the Allure spell, works as the Fear spell and causes those Lawful AND Neutral to be -1 on all combat rolls and suffer 1 hit point of damage per day of being associated with this livery.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Livery of the Elder Cavalry of the Northern Stars

  1. trey says:

    Cool item, and evocative name.

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