[New Spell] Fatestone


Something growled at Knat and the Scholar of Wexos from the surrounding trees, something big. Without further warning a monstrous thing with ropy tentacles burst from the scrubby trees, a fanged maw snarled at the adventurers from a filthy body. The creature moved on stubby legs that ended in misshapen feet.

Does it even have eyes?” Knat asked her cousin as she contemplated spells.

On the end of one of those tentacles. There!” the illusionist shouted, pointing at the hideous beast.

Knat closed her eyes and muttered a spell. The ground roiled and broke open, a strange black stone erupted from the earth, fiery sparks flew in all directions. The tentacled monstrosity suddenly raged at this glowing rock.

Let’s run while it attacks the stone!” suggested Knat.

Without further prompting the Scholar of Wexos began hurrying after his cousin.

Fatestone (Druid)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One round per level of druid

A druid on dry land may cast Fatestone to conjure a small boulder from the ground. This summoned rock will glow and spark with magical energy, drawing the attention and ire of any monsters with less than 12 Int that fail a save versus spells at -1 to attack it rather than the druid and/or his companions. This stone can take 20 hit points of damage before breaking and ending the spell.

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