[New Magic Item] Mind Gems of Athra-Kla

Mind-Gems of Athra-Kla


“What is that stone on that man’s forehead?” Koram asked Chalk.

The wizard knelt down beside the dead bandit and pulled the gemstone off of the man’s face. Chalk muttered a spell and looked deep into the jewel. He shrieked and dropped the gem onto the ground.

“That is nothing we want to play with,” Chalk replied.

“Company!” Knat shouted and everyone turned to see a small band of orcs, their leader with one of those strange gems upon its brow.

“Kill the leader, destroy the gem!” Chalk shouted.

This became a mantra that he shouted often in these strange lands.


At the festival of Bountiful Harvests in Athra-Kla two years ago a group of oddly garbed strangers appeared a dumped buckets full of small gems of multiple colors all over the ground, literally spilling tens of thousands of gold pieces onto the earth. The crowd went wild and ignored everything else to scramble for this treasure. Now these small jewels have been scattered about the countryside and in time, people began to learn how to use them to make things happen with their minds. This has caused massive upheaval and revolts throughout the land as bands of peasants have now become raiders and usurpers to be reckoned with.

Benefit: When a mind gem is placed upon the forehead it will cling and allow that person to use the gem to use psychic abilities as per the color of the gem. Each person uses their Constitution plus 1d6 per level to determine how many psychic points they have to use each day. Anytime that these points are drained the psychic loses half of their Constitution, which is regained at one point per day. If the gem is somehow lost or stolen the power granted is gone. For the sake of simplicity spells can be converted into psychic abilities (and given new names-Fireball becomes Mindfire, for example) and it takes 3 points per spell level, plus one per target to use a psychic power, starting with three abilities and gaining more each level through 1d4 hours of contemplation and reflection. And all of these stones are linked to an ancient entity and its vast multitudes of monstrous warriors that “listen” to these gems when they are used, homing in on the planet, planning to invade and conquer the world, then move on to the next one. Any magic cast upon these jewels will reveal details in bits and pieces of this incursion. Anyone attempting to wear two or more of these gems on their forehead at once will begin seeing visions of horrible creatures looking for them, lead by a being of deific proportions. Some of these people encourage this event and disperse the Mind Gems whenever a cache of them is found.

Usable by: Anyone.

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6 Responses to [New Magic Item] Mind Gems of Athra-Kla

  1. Can someone use multiple mind gems? If so, what is the effect?

    I imagine a Mind-Cult ‘high priest’, his skull covered with gems, unleashing psychic fury against all who oppose him.

  2. Eric says:

    You do realize that I “borrowed” these for a monster of mine to use!? Because their Lovecraftian good!

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