[New Spell] Riddle of Perplexion

Riddle of Perplexion

Orcs!” Koram yelled at the others. “And something with them, a wizard, I think!”

Great,” mumbled Chalk.

A wiry man in strange robes stepped forward and pointed at Chalk.

Losing me is the same as gaining me, but people cannot understand this. They are happy to lose me but sad to gain me! What am I?” the wizard said.

Chalk seemed momentarily stunned, then he looked puzzled.

Why isn’t he mumbling a spell?” Koram asked the Scholar of Wexos. “There are orcs about to attack!”

The Scholar of Wexos stood motionless for a moment himself, then snapped his fingers.

Nightmare! Tell him nightmare!” the illusionist suggested.

Chalk suddenly appeared relieved.

Nightmare!” he cried out and was no longer under the spell of the vile illusionist.

The orcs attacked. They were going to regardless of whether Chalk solved the riddle or not. They were orcs.

Riddle of Perplexion (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: 20 feet

Duration: One round per level of illusionist or until the riddle is solved

This illusionist spell initiates a bit of banter between the caster and one target within twenty feet. The illusionist must pose a valid riddle and if the target fails a save versus spells at -1 then he or she is stopped dead in their tracks for one round per level of the illusionist or until the riddle is solved. Keep in mind that the victim of the spell is allowed to be helped by any onlookers/companions. Note that only beings of at least an intelligence of 6 will be affected, those of an Int of 5 or less are unaffected.

Option: All opponents of the casting illusionist will be affected by this spell for three rounds.

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6 Responses to [New Spell] Riddle of Perplexion

  1. Elbuagnin says:

    I like this one. I can see it being used in a low-magic setting since you really don’t know a spell happened. Very sneaky.

  2. ze bulette says:

    A classic. Feels fairy tale-like – I can see it being a lot of fun to role play. It might be interesting to try to tease out some rules having to do with concocting your own riddles and testing them, or at least having to memorize someone else’s to repeat in the game. Good stuff bat.

    • bat says:

      Great idea, sir! I love playing with riddles and “parlor tricks” with PCs as a diversion from just killing things.

  3. Interestingly enough, a couple of my riddles stumped the best puzzlers in /r/rpg, when I did the challenge. Maybe I’d cast this on them!

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