[New Magic Item] Blood Charm of Klauso

Blood Charm of Klauso


Koram sat up, still dazed, his head swimming.

“You have done the undead a great service, your life shall be spared,” croaked a voice choked with villainy and the dust of the grave.

“A red mist!” lamented Koram. “It fogs all I see!”

“It will pass in time,” the undead thing muttered. “Know you that I am bound by this thing to not harm you for some time because you willingly handed the Charm over. Otherwise, I would be feasting on your flesh.”

A shiver passed through Koram, who only nodded slowly in acknowledgment.

And then the grisly wight of the Deep Barrows was gone.


This gold bracelet was thought lost many decades ago, cast into the deep ocean by the Sea Elf Jaromil Sloressi as the brave fighter fended off a trio of vampires determined to reclaim this precious relic.

But the depths of the ocean hold many secrets and the fiendish fish men, the sahuagin, found this golden treasure and knew that it must be precious to those Up Above. Striking a deal with the fisherman-bandits of Morikam-Khleu, the sahuagin once again released this relic onto the world. The Blood Charm of Klauso is considered to be a great status item among the undead, who wage wars whenever even a hint of a rumor of its being nearby is whispered.

Benefit: The Blood Charm of Klauso allows the wielder to sense any blood spilled onto the ground by a living creature within a one mile radius. To the undead this means hated life is within reach. The type of creature and how the blood was spilled (accident, war, etc) are known to the person (or thing) wearing this golden bracelet, as is the general direction. Any being, living or dead, that surrenders this bracelet to another is immune from attack by the ancient magics laid upon the Blood Charm for a three day period.

Usable by: Anyone.

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