[New Magic Item] Leap Locket of the Elements

Leap Locket of the Elements


The wizard Stork looked over his shoulder, a large band of feral orcs were bearing down on him as he stood near the precipice. The fall looked to be fatal, the expanse to far to leap.

Beside the wizard stood his retainer, a hired yokel that claimed to know the lay of the land.

“You didn’t tell me that the bridge was out,” Stork snarled at the man.

“I was paid not to,” the peasant replied.

The sorcerer reached into his pocket and removed a small golden charm. He smirked and grabbed a few of his pouches and belongings from the overburdened retainer.

“And that is why I will be over there,” Stork said, gesturing at the other side of the ravine. “And you will be here, explaining your foolishness to the hungry orcs.”

The peasant began to panic. The howls of the orcs could be clearly heard now. Stork turned towards the broken bridge and was suddenly on the other side. He sat and smiled cruelly, watching the orcs as they pounced upon the hapless man.


Strange gifts from the Lords and Ladies of the Elements to worthy druids and other guardians of Nature, Leap Lockets are finely crafted pieces of small jewelry that hold ancient magic of a very precious kind. These magic items are extremely rare and highly coveted by druids, rangers and others to which these items have been given and never are sold or traded except by the unscrupulous who have somehow gotten a hold of one of these. If a druid or other possessor of a Leap Locket is known to have fallen it is not uncommon for their fellows to seek to retrieve the magic item and hold it to grant to another worthy person.

Benefit: Each Leap Locket of the Elements is attuned to a particular element (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and maybe more, para-elements such as Smoke, Ash, etc are certainly possible) and once every three turns, up to two times per day, the holder of the magic item may perform a very limited teleport from contact with the element in question (such as standing on earth or swimming in water) to another similar surface. In this way one could “leap” across a rocky expanse or from one body of water to another as long as the destination point is within 300′ of the possessor of the Leap Locket. Only the individual holding the magic item is affected by this magic and each Leap Locket only works with one particular element, so a Leap Locket of the Fire Element will not work to transport one from one body of water to another.

Note: I would only allow an Air-type of Leap Locket to operate when the air is contained in some way (such as giant air bubbles underwater or similar situations).

Usable by: Anyone.

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