[New Magic Item] Harness of Enlarging

Harness of Enlarging


“Let’s go! The Servants of Silence are coming!” Chalk shouted as he burst into the room of the inn.

Koram downed his ale.

“But the barmaid…” the fighter began.

“No time for that! Everyone get your gear together! We ride within the hour!” the wizard ordered.

The horses were pawing at the ground nervously as Valance approached riding a gigantic mouse.

“No spiders?” Knat asked quizzically.

“Too slow, those spiders are, we need speed!” quipped the priest of the Spider God.

Chalk shook his head as the adventurers sped out of town and into the wilderness.


Created for the honor guard of the Kings of Zimna, the Harnesses of Enlarging of long since been dispersed around the world. Few realize that the Kings of Zimna sometimes employed ogres into their honor guard, many do not realize what the magic item actually does, finding out usually by accident.

Benefit: This strange collection of leather straps and bindings will cause any animal placed within its center to grow large enough for the current owner of the magic item to ride. Land based animals now move at 150′(50′), flying creatures soar at 180′(60′) and swimming creatures move at 120′(40′). The chosen animal must be of animal intelligence or less and once harnessed will understand and obey the commands of its rider. Any attacks the mount makes do 1d8 points of damage. This magic item does not affect any mounts that the owner of the magic item could normally ride.

Usable by: Anyone.

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