[New Magic Item] Helm of the Dwarf King

Helm of the Dwarf King


The orcs and hobgoblins were turning the tide of battle in their favor. Chalk was getting tired, one of his spells hadn’t gone off like it should. Valance’s spiders were defeated, Nysser’s arrows almost depleted. Knat was still going strong, as were Koram and the Scholar of Wexos, but everyone knew that the sheer numbers would wear them down.

A strange horn suddenly blasted and there was a bit of panic among the monstrous humanoids. Some wanted to press the battle forward, but many wanted to retreat. The orc leader bashed a few heads together to restore morale, but even that wasn’t working like it should.

From out of nowhere a dwarf, heavily armed and armored, appeared, upon his head was a strange mask that looked like a metal dwarf’s head wearing a crown. Many of the orcs routed at the sight of the mysterious figure. A dozen or so more dwarfs, also heavily armed and wearing a lot of armor stood stoically behind their leader. Even the orc warlord turned and had to slink away.

Chalk approached the dwarf and bowed low.

“We humbly appreciate your assistance,” the wizard said.

The dwarfs all laughed heartily.

“Who said we came to save you?” asked the dwarf from behind the strange mask. “We came to rob you! Better your gold comes to us than those filthy orcs and hobgoblins!”

A half dozen crossbows appeared, all pointed at the wizard and his companions.

“Keep your weapons and armor, you will need them! And who knows, maybe we will have the pleasure of robbing you again in the future!” the dwarf snarled.

The other dwarfs laughed as they collected the coin pouches of the adventurers.


Crafted by ancient dwarf metalsmiths ages ago, the Helm of the Dwarf King is a magnificent helmet shaped like a styled mithril dwarf head with a golden simple crown adorning it. Two eye-holes allow the dwarf to see clearly. Many powerful magics were laid upon this beautiful helmet, which has adorned many a dwarf king. With the fall of the dwarf realm of Zalagos-Klarn (“Fortress Deep” in the dwarven tongue) this wondrous item has been lost, no doubt residing in the treasure pile of some earthbound daemon, dragon or other monster living underground.

Benefit: When placed upon the head of a dwarf the demi-human receives the following bonuses: +2 to AC, and additional 6 hit points and the ability to cast the following as spell-like abilities once per day: Spiritual Weapon (Cleric), Heat Metal (Druid), Misdirection (Illusionist) and Scare (Magic-User). Three times per day a dwarf wearer of this magical helm may breathe a stream of fire 1′ wide by 20′ long, this magical flame causes 1d8 hit points of damage and will cause any combustible materials to catch on fire.

Usable by: Dwarfs gain the full benefits of the helm, all others merely receive the armor bonus.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Helm of the Dwarf King

  1. David says:

    It’s a shame when awesome magic falls into the hands of bad dwarves.

  2. bat says:

    Too true! I like my dwarfs to be a little shady, always on some oddball errand or strange business.

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