[New Magic Item] Teeth of the Great Lizards

Teeth of the Great Lizards


Chalk and the others sat lazily on the bank of the wide river in the springtime sun, watching the water flow swiftly by.

“I found something here!” Koram exclaimed.

“What is it?” Chalk asked sleepily.

“Some sort of a giant tooth, and it has a cork on one end of it, sealed with wax,” reported the fighter.

“I wonder what is inside?” pondered Valance.

“Best not to know,” said the Scholar of Wexos. “Throw it in the river!”

Koram, ever curious, gently began peeling the wax away from the edges of the cork. Gently he teased the stopper from the tooth, just wanting to peek inside. A thick green smoke erupted from the fang and the fighter dropped the thing to the ground.

Howls of rage and madness rang out as a small group of lizardmen appeared, freed by Koram. They were battle ready and frenzied.

Chalk snarled and began casting spells, Knat and the Scholar of Wexos did the same. Nysser knocked an arrow and aimed it at the leader.

“Sometime, just sometime,” growled the Scholar of Wexos. “I wish someone would listen to me!”


The lizardmen of the Oleyok Swamps preferred “hit-and-run” tactics over outright war with their neighbors because of the fact that their small numbers and inferior weapons and armor ensured high casualties in major conflicts. To this end they implored the nefarious human wizard Lorzos Mlin to help them out. In exchange for several artifacts from ancient ruins found by the lizardmen Mlin offered to enchant a number of the fangs of the giant swamp lizards. The resulting magic items are quite handy if used within a month or two, those that are unopened longer than that pose a threat to all who open them. By using these enchanted teeth the lizardmen also conserve their resources by sending out one scout with four or five of these magic items.

Benefit: These magic items appear to be large teeth or tusks that can be easily held in one hand by a human-sized character. Once opened a greenish mist erupts from the enchanted tooth, releasing 1d4+4 armed lizardmen (treat as level 2 fighters with one level 4 leader), ready to fight for the one who released them. Each month after the third that these magic items are not used the lizardmen within, who are kept in a type of suspended animation, will begin to be affected mentally by their confinement. There is a cumulative chance (5% per week) of the lizardmen within the magic item to go insane, which means that when they are released they will attack anyone they encounter (and do so as level 4th and 6th level fighters, respectively). Occasionally a lizardman shaman is included (usually a 4th level magic-user with appropriate spells) who will also go insane in this confinement and will come out with 1d3 additional spells than what they would normally have.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Teeth of the Great Lizards

  1. Eric says:

    Death by Scaled Frenzy anyone? Lizard Men gift landmine? I can think of all kinds of uses for this item. I also think that there’s a few Lovecraftian ideas here as well. Nice job with this one man

  2. bat says:

    Thank you, Eric! You can even make it a Horn of Hounds that calls war dogs or hunting dogs or even hell hounds to be part of a Wild Hunt. I like to think of lizardmen as striving to be efficient at their raids and conflicts, using magic items like this to save resources.

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