[New Magic Spell] Shadowleash


Valance scuttled along the cobblestones. The priest of the Spider God was fresh out of spiders and being pursued by the villainous wizard Stork. Turning a corner the cleric heard a croaking laughter as something wrapped around an ankle. Looking down Valance saw a length of shadow had grabbed a hold of him. Panic set in as he saw Vistis the Blue Mage creeping out of a nearby doorway. The priest began a quick prayer. No spiders came along.

Stork laughed.

There are no spiders near. And no other humans, or elves, our magic has seen to that,” Stork sneered. “We have seen you scouting around these ruins and plan on taking you down one by one.”

Both sorcerers drew wicked looking knives as Valance struggled.

A sharp twang sounded and a dark red arrow sank into Vistis’s shoulder. The illusionist dropped his dagger and clawed at the air as his bones became jelly and he became a puddle in the street.

No elves! No humans other than Valance and us! The spell was cast right!” Stork protested.

Nysser smiled grimly.

Yes, your spell was cast correctly. But I am not an elf,” he replied. The changeling closed his eyes and became a copy of Valance, then Vistis then Stork before returning to his original form and drawing his sword.

Stork hissed and turned on his heel, storming off into the ruins.

Valance tugged at his ankle every few minutes until the spell finally broke and freed him.

Shadowleash (Illusionist)

Level 4

Range: 5′ per level of illusionist

Duration: One turn per level of illusionist (and see below)

When Shadowleash is cast upon a person within 3′ of a shadow of some type a ropy length of shadow lashes out and wraps around an ankle, wrist, neck or torso of the target of the spell. Anyone trying to break free must either make a save versus spell at -1 or deal 10 points of damage to the shadow rope with a magical or silver weapon. Once caught the casting illusionist may “reel in” this stranger tether to deal with the victim or beat a hasty retreat, leaving the target to their own devices for the duration of the spell. Any magically induced shadow that this spell is used with doubles the range and duration of the spell. Every two levels beyond the 4th level the illusionist may add another shadowy tendril, each of these may either attack or grapple with the target of the spell. On a grapple attempt, roll a d6, on a result of 5-6 (per tendril)  the shadowy tentacle has succeeded in grappling the victim.

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4 Responses to [New Magic Spell] Shadowleash

  1. Joseph Browning says:

    Nice little spell!

  2. Timeshadows says:

    Hi, bat,

    I, personally very much like the spell, but, the boys at the Very Cool Spell, But Too High a Level-laboratories sent me over here to see if you would be willing either to drop this to 3rd Level, or to add a damaging component to the spell, as it is wreaking havoc with their formulae.
    –Sorry. Please don’t shoot the messenger. 😦


    • bat says:

      I think I have a fix in mind that I had originally envisioned but left out for fear of being too powerful for its level.

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