[New Spell] Laughing Pillar

Laughing Pillar

Koram sulked as he sat on the boulder. A strange living pillar stood behind him, laughing and staring at the fighter.

You folks go on into town, I will wait here,” he told his companions.

Oh no, come with us, we want a living column that moves and mocks following us all around,” Valance said sarcastically.

As his companions passed by Koram sank a little lower into himself.

Next time, just humor the enchantress,” advised Nysser. “I told you that she really doesn’t like having that mole on her face pointed out to her before we went to her for advice.”

Laughing Pillar (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 30′

Duration: Two turns per level of illusionist or until dispelled

A bizarre illusionist’s curse, the Laughing Pillar spell conjures a tall pillar of strange matter that is covered in glaring eyes and laughing mouths. Moving at a speed of 60′(20′) on tiny, strange limbs, the Laughing Pillar follows it’s victims around for the duration of the spell, mocking and laughing at them, calling wandering monsters and alerting everyone and everything within earshot of the presence of the victim of the spell. This bizarre column can scrunch itself down to be 3′ tall if it needs to, but otherwise stands around 10′ tall. The Laughing Pillar has 32 hit points and regenerates 1d4 points of damage per round. If destroyed this hideous magical monster will explode and everyone in a 20’radius will take 1d8 hit points of damage.

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