[New Magic Item] Shield Shroom

Shield Shroom

Tiny darts and crossbow bolts whizzed through the air at the adventurers. The small kobold army meant business.

Why aren’t those things dropping?” snarled Chalk.

Koram struggled to free his sword from a kobold champion’s mushroom cap shield. The creature held the shield fast and was thrashed about as the fighter struggled to pull his sword free.

There is some magic about these shields they use!” Koram yelled.

Valance rolled up his sleeves.

We’ll just see about this,” the priest of the Spider God said as he began mumbling a prayer to conjure a few giant spiders.

Thought to have been enchanted in the deep underground realm by kobold shamans to aid in their raids against surface dwellers, Shield Shrooms look like what they are; the caps of very large mushrooms used as shields. The magic of this strange shield is enough to keep kobolds and goblins in the fight a little longer, although these are rare enough that usually only champions and captains among the smaller humanoid races will possess these arcane fungal items. Gnomes, halflings, brownies and other creatures of a similar size may use Shield Shrooms as a shield while dwarfs and taller folk can only use these magical shields as a buckler.

Benefit: A Shield Shroom has just enough enchantment to hold it together in combat and to attract missile weapons. Arrows, darts and crossbow bolts sink into the fleshy shield and stop, protecting the bearer from damage. Even embedded darts and arrows will be rejected by the fungus as it heals itself and ejects the offending weapons. Thrown missile weapons like spears or javelins and missile weapons will do -4 damage as the fungal shield absorbs the impact of these weapons. When struck by a sword, axe, dagger or other sharp weapon roll a d6, on a result of 1 or 2 the weapon has stuck into the Shield Shroom and it will take one round to pull the weapon free.

Usable by: Works as a shield for halflings, gnomes, etc, works as a buckler for those larger.

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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Shield Shroom

  1. ze bulette says:

    Novel, and fun! So if it heals itself, how long does one of these shroom shields “live” once picked and used in this manner? Or maybe just “shrooms will be splintered”? I know some kobolds who can use this, thanks bat.

    • bat says:

      I would say until the “shroom is splintered” (I love that game mechanic) but then the fey are fickle and odd, who knows, maybe these shrooms heal themselves if left in the dark!

  2. trey says:

    Maybe there are some ‘shroom shields to release spores it splintered?

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