[New Spell] Vigilant Guardian

Vigilant Guardian

The small rowboats of the adventurers swiftly dodged the small rocks of the broken coastline. Chalk and the others watched in horrified awe as they saw men watch them from the small jagged islands, not saying a word but staring intently, wielding vicious looking weapons. Wild eyed and tangle-haired these men were, dressed in ancient armor, all of them with wicked axes.

Who are they?” whispered Valance as he stared into crazed eyes.

These are the Madmen of Korlt, sacred protectors of a once great nation. All has fallen into ruin around them, but they don’t see the decay anymore, they just see intruders. Us. As long as we don’t land on these small islands they will leave us alone,” replied the Scholar of Wexos.

Chalk shivered a little, horrified at such a miserable fate as these poor wretches had. And they probably volunteered for it.

Vigilant Guardian (Magic-user)

Level 8

Range: Touch

Duration: Until dispelled

Most often cast upon a willing subject, Vigilant Guardian may also target an unwilling person, who must make a saving throw versus spells to resist the effect of this magic. The person enchanted by this spell must stay in the location spoken by the casting wizard at the time the magic is done, even if this means a small bit of travel (under 20 miles). The affected target of this spell must be a sentient living being and from the time the spell is cast, will not progress in years or require sustenance, but will remain at the same age at the time of the casting of the spell, guarding a particular locale. In addition, the amount of hit points that the target has becomes 50 automatically, if the subject of the spell already has 50 hit points (!) add another 1d12. After every 100 years of time passes the subject must roll for an insanity.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Vigilant Guardian

  1. David says:

    Judging by the story, I’m guessing it’s safe to say that insanity doesn’t impact the enchantment any. I can see why it’s a level 8 spell though.. Could be really misused by those high level wizards too.

    • bat says:

      Gah! I am way behind in replying! It is high level because it confers a type of immortality, but at a cost.

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