[New Magic Item] Goad Horn from beyond the Gnashing Hills

Goad Horn from beyond the Gnashing Hills

A supernatural quiet settled over the peaceful valley as the storm clouds rolled in. There were eerie sounds coming from the darkened woods of the thicket, strange howls and the tittering of inhuman voices. As an ominous scream was uttered the goblins and wolves launched their attack on the small village.

Koram took a deep breath and looked over at Chalk. The wizard nodded.

There are a lot of them, with a few bugbears,” the fighter said. He could hear the barely audible sounds of Nysser knocking an arrow behind him.

Blow the damned horn already, my spiders are getting antsy!” Valance snapped.

Koram raised the strange horn to his lips. No creature that had horns like that was ever born on this world, but from another plane. The horn sounded.

Sneering goblins turned from their onslaught upon the peasants as bugbears growled and wargs snarled in fury.

Koram drew his Crystal Blade and smiled.

This long, odd curled horn was first recorded in the archives of the dwarfs of the Gnashing Hills, brought to them by a mysterious barbarian warlord who explained the nature of this arcane artifact and then used it to help defend the dwarf settlement from an attack by a bugbear raiding party. Over the centuries the Goad Horn has been used to test the mettle and combat skills of many a warrior as well as being used to protect the weak or helpless that were being attacked.

Benefit: When this strange curled horn is blown it draws the attention of all enemies within 60′ towards the bearer of the horn and away from what they are doing (even if that is attacking others). All enemies already in combat may make a save versus spell-like devices at -1 to remain in combat, otherwise they will tear themselves away to confront this new foe, making them vulnerable to any attacks from behind by those they were just fighting (+3 to hit for one strike). While targets are focused on the person who winded the horn they will be vulnerable to attacks from those standing adjacent to the bearer of the Goad Horn (-1 to save versus spells, -1 to dodge).

Usable by: Anyone.

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