[New Spell] Switchlock


Koram, Nysser and Chalk stood sideways in the upstairs hallway of the rickety inn, hurling daggers at their rival, Stork. One of the thrown blades struck the wizard in the shoulder and he cried out. Knat tapped her staff on the floorboards and they rippled forward likes the waves of a choppy sea. Nysser grabbed his bow.

Would you open the door already!” Stork shrieked at Vistis the Blue Mage while the latter fumbled with a key, trying to fit it into the lock.

I’m trying! It doesn’t seem to fit!” the masked enchanter shouted.

Behind Chalk and the others the Scholar of Wexos snickered despite himself as he watched Vistis fumble with a lock that would not open with its own key.

Switchlock (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 10′ per level of illusionist

Duration: Two turns per level of illusionist

This odd illusionist spell allows the caster to enchant a lock, provided that the illusionist has a key to another lock of any type within range, to be easily opened with the key that the enchanter is holding. In essence, the locks trade places for the duration of the spell, allowing the casting illusionist to open a locked door, chest, etc. There is no limit to the number of switches that can be performed while the spell is in effect, but if two illusionists are casting this spell in the same area the locks are switched about randomly. Please note that this spell only switches locks, or allows the casting illusionist’s key to open an enchanted lock, but does not disarm any traps that may be waiting for the unwary.

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