[New Magic Item] Javelins of the Greenbramble Wood Elves

Javelins of the Greenbramble Wood Elves

Run!” Koram yelled as he dashed through the camp.

What happened?” a confused Chalk asked as the fighter ran by.

Wood elves!” Koram called over his shoulder as he ran towards the fast flowing river.

Doesn’t sound so bad,” Valance commented between bites of roasted homonoculous.

An angry pack of wood elves ran through the camp, pursuing the fighter.

Hey!” shouted Chalk in annoyance, one of the elves shot him a fierce look.

The Scholar of Wexos began a spell from his concealed location while Nysser notched an arrow into his bow.

One of the elves stopped and removed a javelin from a strange backpack and hurled it at the fighter. Koram yelled out in pain and fell to the ground, bleeding profusely.

Take his sword,” one of the elves said grimly. “He doesn’t deserve it.”

Never in the Eleven Hells is that going to happen!” Chalk snapped and threw a spell at the wood elves. Something like a slow wind picked them up off of the ground and the elves lazily spun through the air until they were over the cold deep river. Chalk ended the spell abruptly, dropping the elves into the swift river.

Knat murmured a healing spell over Koram while Valance encouraged a poisonous spider with a pain numbing bite to nip the fighter and put him at ease.

Made exclusively by the Greenbramble wood elves to hunt and go to war in their enormous woodland realm, only the foolhardy will challenge a wood elf wielding one of these formidable weapons which are primarily used to soften up gigantic foes. It is not uncommon to see these wood elves carrying a special leather pack on their backs containing a half dozen of these enchanted javelins. Never sold to outsiders any elf of the Greenbramble is immediately suspicious of anyone not from their forest bearing one of these magical weapons.

Benefit: When thrown these enchanted javelins are +1 to strike and do a critical amount of damage on a natural result of 17-20 on a d20. Normally these weapons deal 1d8+1 points of damage but double this on a critical roll. These javelins have a short range (+1) to 30′, a medium range (+0) to 50′, and a long range (-1) up to 70′.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a javelin.

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