[New Magic Item] Bandoleer of the Captain of the Guard

Captain of the Guard’s Bandoleer

A quartet of young guardsmen ran by the aging captain as he chatted idly with Graff the innkeep outside of the Drunken Dragon Inn. One of the men had even dropped his pike in his haste to get away from something.

What are you men doing?” shouted the captain of the guard. “Trying to make me look like a fool?”

The men slowed to a stop as they saw their captain. One of them stepped forward.

No, sir! But there are a number of ne’er-do-wells coming this way!” the guardsmen said.

You are the ones who protect people from them you idiots!” snarled the enraged captain.

A number of shady adventurers strolled down the road and two of the young guards fled.

The captain of the guard stood his ground and reached into a pouch of the bandoleer slung across one shoulder. Before Graff could stop him the man blew a handful of strange glittering dust towards the adventurers who immediately began sneezing.

Graff!” Koram shouted between monstrous sneezes. “You could have stopped him!”

These broad leather belts with three pouches are often given to captains of the guard of larger cities, although others may earn them and sometimes town constables who have done something remarkable have earned one of these coveted magic items. The leather may look a little worn and frayed, but the magic is as fresh as ever.

Benefit: The three large pockets on this leather bandoleer have been enchanted to produce three different effects that can each be used two times per day. The top pocket contains a magical powder that is an altered form of Dust of Sneezing and Choking that, when thrown into the air, will cause all within 30′ save the person who threw the dust and their allies to make a save versus spell-like devices or begin to sneeze uncontrollably (-1 to hit in combat) for 1d3 rounds. The center pocket contains a handful of extremely sharp caltrops that have been enchanted to Slow (as per the spell) anyone who steps on one for 1d3 rounds. The bottom pocket will produce a dagger two times per day, even though it appears empty (but can be used to hold other things, such as coins) as per the Always Another Dagger spell (q.v.).

Usable by: Fighters, Rangers and Clerics.

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