[New Spell] Oathbreaker’s Curse

Oathbreaker’s Curse

Chalk felt a slight tap on the shoulder and he knew at that instant a spell had been cast. A bad spell and one that would make life uncomfortable. The wizard whirled around and confronted an old rival, Drelja.

What have you done?” Chalk asked.

Joined up with Stork and Vistis,” the other wizard replied. “The price on your head in Nalaj is too high to ignore.”

Oh, yeah, that,” sighed Chalk.

Drelja drew a cruel looking knife from the folds of her robe and smiled just as cruelly.

This will hurt, a lot,” she sneered.

The knife lashed out and struck Chalk before he could dodge it. The blade cut deep and Chalk was suddenly in agony.

I won’t kill you, hedge-wizard,” Drelja spat. “Although I should, but the bounty is cut in half if I just return your head to Nalaj.”

Chalk staunched the flow of blood as best he could.

Then he heard the distinctive laugh of another old enemy.


Looks like I picked the wrong day to go out poking about in this town alone,” Chalk sighed.

Oathbreaker’s Curse (Magic-User)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One week per level of magic-user

This spell may only be cast by a wizard or mage upon someone who has already betrayed the caster in some way personally. From that point on, for the duration of Oathbreaker’s Curse, the victim of the spell (if they have failed a save versus spells at -2) is very susceptible to attacks from that particular magic-user. All melee combat will do an additional 1d4 points of damage and all spells that cause damage will double their damage or duration, whichever is applicable/more severe. Those who die as a direct result of this spell have an 85% chance of returning as ghosts.

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One Response to [New Spell] Oathbreaker’s Curse

  1. Dom says:

    Love it. A bit potent but definitely fits with the “You know what it costs to double-cross a wizard do you?” warning.

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