[New Magic Item] Tokens of Parley

Tokens of Parley

The squad of Astral Raiders stood quietly while Chalk waved his hand over the bag and reached in.

Make sure you get this right, they look like they are out for blood, probably mine,” whispered Koram to the wizard.

If you weren’t toting around one of their coveted magical swords all of the time this situation would probably not be happening right now,” Chalk whispered back.

The wizard withdrew a handful of wriggling purple beetles. He winced.

The Astral Raiders looked at each other for a moment, then sat down.

We talk,” one of the gaunt warriors said.

This is a proper token for you?” Chalk asked as the large purple beetles crawled all over his hand.

Certainly, we find them delicious,” another of the Astral Raiders answered.

Let’s eat!” Valance chimed in and sat to talk with the Astral Raiders. “Those beetles do look tasty!”

Long ago the gods made many magic items to aid mortals in their struggles and triumphs on the world. Among the least of these are the Tokens of Parley, drawn from an enchanted leather bag and used to influence enemies at the edge of battle. But when the gods made the Tokens of Parley Kebez the Troublemaker added his own twist and sometimes the results cause worse complications to arise. This magic item resembles a medium sized leather sack with stylized designs embroidered into it. Opening the sack and looking inside, one sees a dark, blurry whirling mass.

Benefit: Drawing forth a handful of the matter from within the leather bag will cause the Tokens of Parley to materialize. During this time any enemy forces are paused (for no longer than two rounds) to see what is being drawn forth. Roll a d6 and on a result of 1-3 the user of the magic item withdraws minor items that encourage (-3 to a save versus spell-like devices roll) negotiation. A 4-5 result only staves off battle for two turns as something bizarre was withdrawn from the sack that causes confusion among the enemy’s ranks and a result of 6 means that something offensive has pulled something to the enemy has been pulled from the enchanted bag and the enemy will attack with fervor (+2 to hit for 1d3 rounds).

Usable by: Anyone.

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