[New Magic Item] Scroll of Smuggling

Scroll of Smuggling

Please don’t whistle,” the Scholar of Wexos said to Valance as they approached the gate to the city of Mursk.

I can’t help it, I get nervous sometimes,” the priest of the Spider God replied.

Don’t you have a spider that can calm you down?” the illusionist asked.

Already tried that, I must be building up an immunity,” Valance said.

The duo met the city watch who eyed the two men suspiciously.

You two walked out of those woods by yourselves? Where is your army?” one of the guards asked.

Both men laughed nervously then Valance began to whistle.

We had better inspect these two,” the other guard said. “If there is anything fishy we need to send for the Constable of the Arcane.”

The Scholar of Wexos sighed as the guards went through their belongings, shuffling through blank parchments and scrolls as well as a few magical odds and ends that didn’t draw any particular attention. The spiders constantly crawling over Valance’s things finally unnerved both of the guards.

Just don’t start any trouble!” one of the guards growled.

As they strolled away the illusionist turned to the cleric.

We need to get these things off of this scroll and do some quick shopping and get back to the others, remember, no collecting spiders! We are in a hurry,” the Scholar of Wexos reminded Valance.

What is taking those two so long? I know I should have gone instead of Valance! He whistles,” Chalk said as the others waited just beyond the treeline. “That whistling always gives him away.”

Actually created in happier times as a convenient way for spellcasters to carry heavy and/or precious items long distances in time these magical scrolls have fallen into misuse by unscrupulous sorts. Now the biggest smugglers there are count these magic items among their most essential tools. Scrolls of Smuggling are so valuable that if detected they are usually just confiscated, but rarely, if ever, destroyed.

Benefit: This extremely powerful artifact does not register as magical if Detect Magic is cast upon it due to very powerful spells being laid upon it in elder days, although, if the spells Illusionary Script or Scribe are cast upon the scroll it will reveal itself for what it truly is and what it contains. An illusionist or magic-user can magically hide up to six items or 500 gold pieces worth of weight (whichever is more) in this scroll which appears as useless or unreadable to the average onlooker. These items can easily be removed by the spellcaster at any time, but adding or removing an item takes two rounds of time.

Usable by: Illusionists and magic-users.

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