[New Spell] War Council of the Grave

War Council of the Grave

The wizard Stork locked himself in a room of the Castle Dreadmire, residence of King Bilkari. A goblin army was three days march away and the sorcerer was called by the king to find a proper defense against the humanoid horde.

Stork chanted the spell and waited in the silent darkness. Motes of light began to swirl and blink, and three warrior’s shades stood before the sorcerer. Stork explained the upcoming battle and the opposing army as best he could. The spirits of the dead looked at each other for a few moments then described a complicated plan of defense and counterattack. The wizard’s head reeled as he tried to organize all of the information in his head. Wishing Stork luck, the shades vanished back into the spirit world.

Stork told King Bilkari and his man-at-arms the strategies whispered to him in the dark by those long dead. The king listened and nodded, looking over to his man-at-arms from time to time. When stork finished Bilkari tossed a small bag of gold onto the table.

This is your payment before the battle,” the king said. “And there is a chest of gold awaiting you once the battle is won and the goblins defeated!”

The wizard smiled, plotting on how to use the gold to foil his rivals, Chalk, Koram and their companions.

War Council of the Grave (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: Self/Immediate area

Duration: Three rounds per level of wizard

Wizards and other magic users often utilize this spell either when battle is impending or an area needs to be fortified, or conversely attacked, at a certain time. The wizard summons 1d4 spirits of dead warriors to ask for advice. Each conjured warrior will impart one important piece of advice regarding either offense of defense although there is a 15% chance that the spirit has a reason to be deceitful and will give the wizard false information. These spirits of champions and heroes will not fight on the behalf of the magic-user, but may linger beyond the duration of the spell to see how a particular battle ends to return this information back to the spirit world.

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One Response to [New Spell] War Council of the Grave

  1. Now thats the kind of spell I like. Classic Necromancy with plenty of room for interpretation.

    Great as always.

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