[New Magic Item] Enraging Ring of Rhygose

Enraging Ring of Rhygose

Bladecatcher and Knat watched the road as they scouted ahead of the party. Beeches and oaks gave way to dark sullen pine trees as the road melted away into the shadowy forest. Suddenly a lumbering figure shambled into view, clad in filthy skins and bearing a wicked looking club. Before too long another behemoth joined the first.

Hill giants!” whispered Knat. “Too much for the two of us to handle!”

Where is your sense of adventure?” the halfling asked. Without waiting for a reply Bladecatcher made a fist, pointing a ring on one finger towards one of the slavering giants. The druidess hissed and grabbed at the halfing’s arm, but it was too late.

Both adventurers watched as one of the giants suddenly shot an angered look at the other, accusing the latter of cheating him out of their last take. An argument broke out and the first hill giant punctuated his statement by bashing the other on the side of the head with his gnarled club. Howling in pain the second giant stabbed at his former companion with a crude stone dagger. Shrugging, Knat cat a spell that caused the giants to start sinking into the ground as they fought. Bladecatcher started throwing his enchanted daggers at the feral giants.

Too wounded by each other and trapped in the conjured quicksand, the giants had no time to recover from the onslaught. Their agonizing deaths were not pretty to behold.

Well, now you have something to tell your grandkids,” Bladecatcher said. “All about the time that you and a halfing killed two giants.”

Indeed,” replied Knat as she considered how the battle might have turned out.

Made for the questionable wizard-thief Rhygose, this ring is silvery blue and houses a small fiery red ruby. While this ring can be used by anyone for some reason it often finds itself in the hands of burglars and thieves for reasons unknown. In Rhygose’s heyday this ring was used to infuriate and confuse and saved the villain’s neck on more than one occasion.

Benefit: Two times per day the Enraging Ring may be used to target an individual within 60′. This person must make a save versus spell-like devices at -2 or become Enraged, attacking the nearest individual (or one at random if several are within 5′). The affected person is also -2 to defend themselves from attack because of the chaotic lashing out that they are doing to someone else. This state lasts for three rounds.

Usable by: Anyone.

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