[New Magic Item] Stair Dust

Stair Dust

Chalk tapped Koram on the shoulder in the common room of the rustic inn. The wizard pointed at the ceiling, which seemed to be opening slowly while wooden steps spiraled down to the floor. Leering faces peered down into the room, faces with eyes entirely black and teeth like sharks. Several of these strange humanoids shuffled disturbingly down the stairs.

Not these guys again!” Koram exclaimed, shaking his head and drawing his Crystal Sword.

A horrible battle ensued, leaving the ichor-like blood of the moonfolk splattered all over. Bladecatcher and Nysser looked over the spoils, the two thieves putting their heads together from time to time to assess the value of what little the vile humanoids had with them.

How did they make those stairs happen?” Koram asked.

Nysser smiled and grabbed a dubious looking pouch made of the skin of something. Or someone. The elf sprinkled a pinch of a glittering dust onto the floorboards and suddenly the floor seemed to melt away, creating stairs to the floor below. Everyone looked down.

A card game! Deal us in!” shouted Bladecatcher to the innkeeper and several patrons who were playing an illegal card game in the basement.

This strange magical dust is thought to be created by the Moonfolk (q.v.) in order to creep into people’s houses to kidnap victims, although these sinister people might import Stair Dust from some other source. There is a thriving underground trade in Stair Dust for adventurers and thief’s guilds both find this magic dust to be very handy.

Benefit: When this enchanted dust is sprinkled upon a solid floor it will cause sturdy steps to appear to the floor below. If there is no level below this magical dust will create a small room (10′ x10′) at the bottom of the stairs that will exist for three days. If this dust is spilled on the floor of a boat…you will sink.

Usable by: Anyone.

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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Stair Dust

  1. David says:

    Very cool, and very useful! I wonder how well it would work in a dungeon?

  2. trey says:

    Very cool. It has a great fairy tailish vibe.

  3. Very cool, thing. I’m amazed that you are still churning out amazing post of magical creativity! Good posts!

    Thanks for sharing!

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