[New Spell] Trail of Thorns

Trail of Thorns

Stay ahead of me!” Knat yelled. The others looked bewildered.

Orcs! Lots of them! Run!” she urged.

The others, hearing the grunts and shouts of the orcs realized that the pig-faced marauders were on their trail. They began jogging.

You too, furfoot!” Knat shouted at Bladecatcher. The halfling smirked and began running with the others.

The orcs howled and screamed in pain and frustration.

Looking over his shoulder Chalk saw that behind the druidess sprang a carpet of puncture-weed thorns, sharp and nasty as caltrops of steel.

Trail of Thorns (Druid)

Level 2

Range: Trail extends 20′ behind druid per level of experience

Duration: All thorny caltrops within range of the druid will last for three turns, all outside of the spell’s range dissipate within two rounds. This spell may be maintained in total for one turn and the thorns will appear behind the druid whether he or she is mounted or on foot.

When cast this spell causes a trail of vicious caltrop-like thorns to appear behind the druid three feet wide and 20′ long (the latter per level of druid) that will puncture bare feet and leather armor (causing 1d4 points of damage per ten feet traveled over this thorny path. Those with metal boots are not harmed by the natural caltrops, but are slowed, along with those that are barefoot or wearing leather shoes/boots to 20′ per round due to the uneven ground created by these pesky thorns.

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