[New Deity] Niloni



The woman howled in rage. Her skin glowed a bright blue.

Pytha!” she screamed. “I will have your head for this!”

Mocking laughter could be heard deep in the pines of the dark forest.

Closing her eyes, the goddess began conjuring animals, which she sent out to hunt. A wolf howled to the east. Niloni gripped her bow and began running.

Pyth sneered as her rival approached.

Nice shade of azure, but it doesn’t do a thing for those green eyes,” she commented.

Those green eyes blazed and an arrow was drawn. Pytha turned to run, but was too late, the arrow hit struck her in the shoulder, she seemed to only be able to move in slow motion. Niloni was upon her in seconds.

This is going to hurt,” the Lady of Beasts said with a smile.






Lesser Deity

Niloni, The Lady of Beasts
Alignment: Neutral
Spheres of Influence: Animals, Forestry, Nature

Symbol: A rampant chimera
Typical Worshipers: Druids, rangers, others living in or near the wilderness.

Hit Points (if you need them): 180

Niloni the Lady of Beasts is a hard-luck goddess. Often derided by others for being too unsophisticated and often at the end of Pytha’s jokes, this goddess thrives despite the joking and ridicule of her peers. To her credit she has bested three titans that were going to build a temple near her sacred forest in single combat and once knocked Pytha out in a barroom brawl that left many innocent bystanders either dead, mauled or under one the effects of one spell or another.

The Lady of Beasts often appears as a strangely beautiful elf or human female with dirty blonde hair and fierce looking eyes. She often dresses in animal hides and openly carries vicious looking weapons around, always hunting those who would despoil Nature. It is said that once an entire orc army turned and fled in her presence, preferring to be punished by their dark masters than the Lady of Beasts.


Abilities: Niloni can cast any eight Druid or Magic-User spells up to three times per day as an 13th level druid or wizard respectively, with an emphasis on spells that will bolster animals or protect the sanctity of Nature. The Lady of Beasts fights as a 13h level Fighter, most often with an enchanted bow that shoots six magic arrows per day at the whim of the goddess. In addition, Niloni has a unique power known as Bewilderbeast in which she can charm any creature of animal intelligence (up to 60HD per day), giving these creature an additional 6 points of intelligence and one extra HD (the HD are NOT figured into the daily limit) in regards to understanding and obeying her commands.


Awe: Niloni looks wild-eyed and ready for trouble, probably due to her constantly being picked on by other deities and powerful entities, anyone facing her in combat is -3 to Strike the Lady of Beasts due to her wild presence.


Honor Guard: Niloni is often accompanied by several druids and rangers, up to eight of each class, ranging in level from 5-8. This number doubles when the goddess is at home in her sacred grove (where all druid and ranger spells are doubled in duration, range and damage where applicable).


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