[New Magic Item] Horn of Change

Horn of Change

Have you noticed the look of those peasants following us around town?” Koram whispered to Chalk.

Yes, very strange, they all look a bit ragged and toothy,” the wizard replied. “I hope that Nysser gets here soon, we might need him to put a few arrows in those fellows.”

A trio of nights in dusty armor rode up on the fighter and the wizard. One spied the gaggle of thin and reedy men that were following the adventurers but poorly trying to hide this fact.

One of the knights drew a silvery horn to his lips and blew upon it. A strange melodious tune emanated from the horn and the ragged looking peasants began growling and chittering amongst themselves then, one by one, the men transformed into bipedal ratmen, snarling and reaching for their rusty weapons.

Cut them down, the sinister wererats!” one of the knights yelled and all three of the chargers burst into action as the knights drew their weapons.

Nysser appeared some time after it was over and assessed the damage.

What happened here?” the thief asked.

Well, these knights had this horn that made the wererats look like ratmen and…”Koram began.

On second thought, maybe I don’t want to know,” the changeling replied.

This tarnished silvery black horn was created for the third emperor of Nosselon who was always concerned about shapeshifters and polymorphed assassins in his court. While quite good at its job, the Horn of Change could not affect the hearts of men, and the emperor in the end still fell to the hand of a betrayer.

Benefit: The Horn of Change may be sounded three times per day to work its enchantment, which is to reveal the true nature of creatures and people who have altered their appearances. Lycanthropes, changelings and other shapeshifters must make a save versus spells at -2 to resist the suddenly revealing their true natures while those who change their shapes or appearance due to a spell or other magic must make a save versus spells at -3. Those who fail a save are forced to change their shape to reveal their true nature on the spot.

Usable by: Anyone.

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