[New Monster] Hornet, Limbo

Hornet, Limbo


The buzzing sound grew louder as Koram looked around frantically for the source of the infernal noise. Suddenly the fighter and Chalk were surrounded by huge hornets with malicious looking faces. Chalk cast a spell which melted one of the fiendish creatures but another slipped passed his guard and stung him in the arm. The wizard cried out in pain and looked a bit stunned. His next spell highlighted the piebald hornets with strange green light.

“Something is wrong!” Chalk shouted. “My spells are all garbled up!”

Koram turned his head to look quizzically at the wizard and was suddenly stung in the shoulder. As the poison coursed through his veins the fighter reacted to the alien hornets by casting a spell that caused the creatures to glow as if they were enveloped in a greenish fire.

Chalk sighed and pulled out his dagger, preferring to attack the creatures without casting another random spell at them.

Hornet, Limbo

No. Enc.: 1d4+2 (1d12+4)

Alignment: Chaotic

Movement: 30′ (10′)

Fly: 180′ (60′)

Armor Class: 6

Hit Dice: 1

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d4 (bite) or 1d6 (sting and see below)

Save: F2

Morale: 12

Hoard Class: Nil

X.P.: 85

Horrors from the ever-shifting plane of madness, the Limbo Hornets are a foot to a foot and a half in length (12”-18”) and have a distinctive black and white piebald color scheme that sets them apart from other giant insects. Semi-intelligent, these creatures use their bite to nip at foes and their vicious stings to inflict pain and to cause chaos. Anyone stung by a Limbo Hornet must make a save versus poison at -2 or feel the effects of the insidious venom of these creatures. Any intelligent creature that doesn’t cast spells that is stung by a Limbo Hornet and fails a saving throw at -2 now can cast a random 1st level spell (from any spellcasting class). However, any intelligent creature that can cast magic that fails a save against the poison of the Limbo Hornet at -2 has all of their spells scrambled, still casting the same number of spells and at the same level, but this magic is scattered across the magic wielding classes. This effect lasts for one day and does not stack for multiple stings. These odd side effects of the hornet’s sting have actually caused some to seek these creatures out for their own strange and sometimes fiendish purposes. Live Limbo Hornets in some markets command up to 1500 gold pieces each.

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