[New Magic Item] Orc Dreadbow

Orc treasure: Dreadbow

They are only orcs!” Koram said, drawing his Crystal Sword. “We can take them!”

I don’t like this, they seem too confident,” Chalk replied.

Bah! You are too easily rattled!” the fighter said as he peered into the gloom of the ruins. Sputtering torches revealed the leering faces of orc warriors in the darkness. He raised his sword. An arrow flew from the mass of humanoid warriors and struck Koram in the arm, which promptly fell to his side as he struggled to raise it.

Only orcs,” muttered Chalk as he threw a spell at the monsters.

Created by a necromancer centuries ago for an orc champion, the Dreadbow is a terrible weapon of the orcs that puts fear in anyone who has heard of it in the enemy camp (and orcs are not too wily to say they have the magic item when they don’t, just to cause a general panic). This long recurve bow has sharp blades built into its limbs that deal damage in melee combat as well as enchanting arrows to pack a magical punch. This wicked bow has brought down many an elf captain and human hero over the ages and is considered an artifact of evil by many.

Benefit: The Dreadbow is +1 to strike in melee or ranged combat, doing 1d6+2 points of damage with its bladed limbs in close combat. Arrows shot from this enchanted bow do 1d8 points of damage and the following chart should be consulted to determine hit location (called shots can be made at -3 to hit a specific spot).

1d8 table:

1-2-Head:Victim loses 1d6 points of Intelligence for 2 turns

3-4-Arm: One arm becomes numb for 2 turns, victim is -2 to hit and on any dexterity rolls

5-6 Torso: Target loses 1d6 points of Constitution for 2 turns

7-8 Leg: Target has movement slowed for 2 turns as per the magic-user spell

Usable by: Anyone who can fire a bow.

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One Response to [New Magic Item] Orc Dreadbow

  1. David says:

    I like the special ability, it’s just the sort of thing to make orcs scary for mid-level adventurers.

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