[New Spell] Magical Songs: the Song of Subltety

Magical Songs: The Song of Subtlety

We need to find a bit of shelter for the night and then we can meet the others bright and early in the morning. And it looks as if it is going to rain,” Nysser said as he gazed into the oncoming gloom.

How much silver do you have?” the Scholar of Wexos asked.

I was hoping that you had enough to get us by for a night. My stash is back in Bottle,” the thief replied.

The illusionist raised a finger into the air.

I have an idea, although you will need to be sharp,” he said.

The two adventurers trundled into the nearby inn.

Who wants to hear a song?” the Scholar of Wexos asked the crowd as they entered the common room.

People cheered and urged the illusionist to sing for them. He began a sweeping ballad. Soon Nysser noticed that many in the crowd began to swoon slowly and their eyes were half opened. The illusionist nodded to the elf. Nysser began working through the audience slowly, pilfering coins here and there.

Not so fast, elf” growled a dwarf adventurer holding a strange pendant aloft. “Your magic won’t work on me!”

Nysser spun on his heel and looked at the Scholar of Wexos as he nodded towards the door. The two adventurers made a run for it as the dwarf raised an alarm.

Song of Subtlety (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: Self or Touch (and see below)

Duration: Two rounds per level of illusionist

By singing or performing the song of subtlety on a musical instrument the illusionist distracts foes and potential foes into thinking that the illusionist (or one accomplice that the illusionist has designated with a tap) is doing something less threatening or devious than it appears. All strangers or opponents within 30′ (+5′ per level) of the casting illusionist must make a save versus spells at -2 or be lulled into a dreamy state due to the mesmerizing tune, making all who fail their save -3 on all perception and/or reaction rolls regarding the actions of the illusionist or his or her accomplice for the duration of the spell.

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One Response to [New Spell] Magical Songs: the Song of Subltety

  1. trey says:

    I picture this as almost sort of musical theater moment where the illusionist clearly sings there intentions but the crowd is so enrapted in the song they just sing along rather than doing anything about it. 😀

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