[New Magic Item] Summoning Bell

Summoning Bell

A slight ringing was all that Stork heard and his heart sunk. The wizard shrugged and stomped off, leaving Vistis the Blue Mage staring blankly from behind his ornate mask.

It took Stork five days to reach the Tower of Zlog the Enchanter and he shuffled tiredly up the stone stairs to the private chamber of the other wizard, passing all of the guards unhindered.

Yes?” Stork asked Zlog.

Would you be a good egg and fetch me some of the mauve flowers growing by the Mourning Marsh? I am having guests over and those fragrant flowers would make such a delightful centerpiece,” the enchanter replied.

As you wish,” grumbled Stork who spun on a heel and began to march off. He suddenly stopped.

By the way, that is the second time you have rung that bell,” the wizard said.

I am keeping count, don’t worry, I will have something special for you the third time I ring the bell,” Zlog stated.

This fiendish magic item was forged somewhere in the lower planes and sent as a gift to a powerful anti-paladin so that he may further spread evil in the world. It is theorized that this is also a sort of way at getting back at mortals who often insist on summoning lower planar entities to do their bidding. This device looks like a harmless, small black bell with a tiny handle crafted from wood of unknown origin.

Benefit: A Summoning Bell may be rang once per day to call an individual from anywhere in the world to the bell ringer to complete some task, which could be dangerous but the target of the magic item will not do themselves direct harm or do anything in direct opposition to their alignment, although they may put themselves in a sticky situation or two. The target may only be recalled three times in the span of one year and a day and for those under 4HD there is no saving throw to return to the bell ringer. Those over 4HD may roll a saving throw versus spell-like devices at -2 to resist the call of the bell, failing that, they will return to the owner of the magic item. Three drops of blood from the intended target is required by the owner of this magic item. This blood will soak into the bell and link it to the target, of which there may be only one at a time.

Usable by: Anyone.

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One Response to [New Magic Item] Summoning Bell

  1. David says:

    This has so many wonderful potential uses!!

    Also I see a bit of Wizard of Oz in this one… very nicely translated though!

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