[New Deity] Krogi



The necromancer strolled triumphantly through the decimated town, admiring the carnage his forces had brought upon this hamlet. The few peasants that remained were doing their best to fend off the skeleton and ghoul troops. Then suddenly the vile wizard stopped dead in his tracks, aghast at the impudence of one of these rabble who sat calmly at a table in front of an inn sipping ale from a mug.

You will soon pay for your insolence!” snapped the necromancer.

The man set down his mug of ale and stood slowly. He gripped a large wicked looking battle ax and stared at the wizard with fiery green eyes.

One day I probably will, but today is not that day,” the man said grimly.

The necromancer swallowed, taken aback by this man’s determination.

What are these people to you? Obviously you are not one of them,” the wizard said, trying another angle.

These people paid tribute to me. And I arrived too late to help them. But I can get revenge for them and slay you,” the man replied coldly.

Paid tribute to…you?” stammered the wizard.

Aye, I am Krogi, the Reaver,” the deity said as he raised his ax.



Greater Deity

Krogi, The Reaver, Lord of the Axe
Alignment: Neutral
Spheres of Influence: Melee, barbarism, bravery

Symbol: A shining double headed ax
Typical Worshipers: Barbarians, mercenaries, corsairs, peasants in smaller towns and villages

Hit Points (if you need them): 225

Krogi the Reaver thrives on battle and combat. This deity appears most often as a tall dark haired barbarian with a few days of stubble and a bad attitude bearing a large, vicious looking ax. In the First Age Krogi went to war with the forces of Chaos that spread from the north, fighting off hordes of creatures. Then, as time went by this wildhearted god began having problems with the stoic and oppressive forces of Law as civilization spread and some sages and philosophers sought to challenge the gods themselves. At the Battle of the Broken Stair it is said that Krogi went berserk and killed so many political leaders that the Zorlu Empire dissipated almost overnight.

Now Krogi roams the world protecting small villages and hamlets, gaining worshipers in these dark times and growing stronger as his power waxes again as in the days of old. The Reaver is wily and intelligent, far from being a brainless barbarian and many find this fact out much too late.


Abilities: Krogi can cast any eight Cleric or Druid spells up to three times per day as an 13th level cleric or druid respectively, focusing on healing spells for his followers. The Lord of the Axe fights as a 16th level Fighter, sweeping the air before him with Lifetaker, an intelligent battle ax (IQ 16) that does 2d10+4 points of damage.


Awe: Krogi appears as an impressive human and those that know that they are facing off against a deity are -2 to strike Krogi in combat.


Honor Guard: Krogi prefers to operate alone, but will happily join an army or mercenary band if he believes strongly in the cause. At times the Lord of the Axe will train fighters and typically be accompanied by 1d12 fighters of levels 3-6.


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One Response to [New Deity] Krogi

  1. Way says:

    While I’ve enjoyed these bits immensely, this particular one actually gave me chills. Really nice job bro.

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