[New Spell] Mystic Internment

Mystic Internment

The king has fallen!” shouted the man-at-arms who secretly was elated that he may himself have a chance to take over the throne by force.

But he is not dead?” asked the loyal court wizard.

Nay, but he will not be able to battle again on the morrow,” the man-at-arms replied.

I must attend our liege,” the wizard said and hurried off as the man-at-arms arrayed his troops.

The next morning the man-at-arms was asking his men where the king was as he tried to rally support for his opportunity to grab the throne. A wall crumbled behind the would be usurper as he turned to face a fifteen foot tall golem of iron that wore a stylized crown.

Here is your king! Ready for war!” a voice boomed loudly from the iron golem as the soldiers cheered.

Mystic Internment (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent unless dispelled

The magic-user casting this spell requires a golem of any type that has a hollow center that can hold the target of this spell. Usually a willing subject that requires no saving throw, unwilling targets may make a saving throw versus spells at -1 to resist the effects of this spell. Once activated the subject is magically interred within the golem and may control the construct as if it were their own body and is mystically preserved within. This spell is most often used on crippled, paralyzed or elderly subjects so that they may have a body that they can control once again.

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One Response to [New Spell] Mystic Internment

  1. Spawn of Endra says:

    I like this spell and the way you’re using it in the story. I’m stuck on the interment vs internment part, though. Interment is putting the dead to rest, usually in a grave or a tomb, and I see the spell doing this in a way. Internment is putting someone away in temporary prison, like the Japanese internment camps during WW2 in the US. One could read the spell that way (as imprisonment) as well.

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