[New Spell] Words of Thunder

Words of Thunder

Knat, Nysser and the Scholar of Wexos crept into the lair of the necromancer and spied the vile wizard preparing to cast a spell.

Knat suddenly revealed herself to the necromancer.

This ends now wizard!” she said and suddenly the voice of the druidess was magnified many times, shocking the wizard mid-sentence.

A plume of oily smoke boiled from the conjuring circle as a figure appeared. Tall and thin it was, with great bat-like wings and eyes that smoldered like coals from the depths of the Eleven Hells. Long talons clawed the necromancer who began to panic as the creature dragged him down into the infernal realms.

Nysser sighed.

I had a special arrow ready and everything!” the thief pouted.

Words of Thunder (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 60′ + 5 feet per level of druid

Duration: Instantaneous

This druid spell allows the caster to speak in a loud, commanding voice that will interrupt the actions of a target that fails a save versus spells at -1 and leave that target shaken. In this way druids may cause summonings and rituals to go awry (any interrupted spell of this kind has a 35% chance of causing the summoned creature to turn on the summoner or the ritual to backfire on the caster doing 2d8 points of damage due to magical backlash). Other types of spells and complicated actions can also be interrupted in this manner but there is not necessarily any backlash, but the target is still shaken and the task or spell is delayed for 1d4 rounds.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Words of Thunder

  1. trey says:

    Cool. I very folkloric/mythologic sort of spell.

  2. bat says:

    Thank you, Trey! Some days I make a connection with you guys and I am assured that I haven’t totally lost it….

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