[New Spell] Shield the Natural

Shield the Natural

I need you to cast that one spell for me,” Valance said to Knat the druidess.

Which spell?” she asked the priest of the Spider God suspiciously. “Not the one that protects animals so you can send your giant spiders off to do sinister things, is it?”

Well, yes, but not on a spider,” Valance answered sheepishly.

On what then?” Knat inquired, still suspicious.

Well, it is a long story. Suffice it to say that I am in a bit of a bind and need a horse to take me to Crabble so that I may tidy up the Spider Temple there,” Valance said. “A horse that will not tire anytime soon.”

Oh, very well, but you owe me,” Knat grumbled.

Within minutes Valance was soaring over the green grass towards Crabble, his normally somewhat pathetic horse robust and vigorous.


Shield the Natural (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 30’+ 5′ per level of druid

Duration: 1 turn per level of druid

Druids may use this spell to keep animals from fatiguing and to add 2HD+4 to all animals and monsters of animal intelligence within the radius of the spell that the druid chooses. These creatures do not attack as creatures of the new HD total however, this enchantment merely offers them a protective buffer against attack and they do not tire for the duration of the spell. Druids often find a lot of uses for this spell; protecting a farmer’s cattle from predatory creatures for a few silver pieces or giving a mount a bit more endurance for example.

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