[New Magic Item] Orc Loot: Helm of the Scorpion

Orc Loot: Helm of the Scorpion

Another wave of orcs and goblins was on the march, but this time the humanoids seemed more organized, which was no small feat in itself. The reason for this soon became clear; a human on horseback lead these reavers, while most of his armor looked a bit rag-tag his helmet caught the last rays of the setting sun and seemed to cause some of the orcs to wince themselves.

Nysser knocked an arrow and in the next moment let it fly. The missile glanced off of the man’s helmet and struck a nearby orc, instantly dropping the mangy humanoid like a sack of potatoes. The human yelled something in a strange language and got down from his mount. Almost instantly a long tail, similar to that of a scorpion, appeared to grow from the man’s lower back and lash about viciously, dripping poison from a dagger-like stinger.

Who gets to charge this time?” Chalk called out to his companions.

Koram drew his Crystal Sword and strode grimly forward.

Actually, the Helm of the Scorpion has less to do with scorpions and more to do with an obscure orc god of a desert tribe of the vicious humanoids that himself had a long scorpion-like tail. But orcs are not great historians or sages and their facts are easily garbled and distorted given even a small amount of time. Helms of the Scorpion are indeed rare, only granted to the few elite knights of this obscure deity. The helmet itself is hardened bronze with spikes and small horns all around its crown and a strange stylized figure with a scorpion-like tail embossed on the brow.

Benefit: Once donned the Helm of the Scorpion allows the wearer to grow a long scorpion-like tail, complete with a venomous sting. In combat this stinger is +1 to hit and does 1d6 points of damage. In addition, all stung must make a save versus poison or be paralyzed for 1d4+4 rounds. When worn around orcs these despicable humanoids will revere the wearer of the helm as a great leader and will follow his or her instructions to the letter. All orcs that try to resist a command by the person wearing the Helm of the Scorpion must make a save versus spell-like devices at -2 to do so.

Usable by: Anyone who can wear a magic helmet.

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