[New Spell] Dance of the Macabre

Dance of the Macabre

Stork handed a small pouch of gold over to the necromancer and explained the rough time and those involved in what he wanted to see. The necromancer nodded and began to chant a spell. Within a few minutes a handful of skeletons appeared with improvised weapons. The necromancer nodded at Stork and the latter said a few names. The undead began shuffling about and then reenacted a small scuffle. Stork asked the necromancer to pause the activity several times and even got down on the ground to view the skeletons as they relived a few bygone moments of the past. Satisfied he noddedto the necromancer and departed.

What did you learn?” Vistis the Blue Mage asked Stork later.

That their little ‘elf’ friend Nysser was shot by a magic arrow near the Altar of Etays, the barbarian goddess. He is the one that will unleash the magical plague in time,” Stork replied.

Dance of the Macabre (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 60′ per level of wizard

Duration: Up to 6 turns

When cast near a cemetery or similar location that houses the undead the Dance of the Macabre spell will summon enough skeletons, zombies or similar mindless undead (although ghouls may be summoned, give them a save versus spells saving throw to resist becoming involved) to reenact a particular event. This is usually done on a small scale with thirty or less undead participants. These undead use improvised gear and make no conscious moves, they are all merely miming a particular event exactly how it happened. The casting wizard may “freeze” or reverse the action at will to examine the occurrences from different angles. This spell lasts up to one hour although it may not take that long to replay the desired events. After the spell is complete the undead return to whatever they were doing previously. Necromancers sometimes cast this spell to entertain others regarding their nefarious exploits.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Dance of the Macabre

  1. Jensan says:

    Nice one! It’s like an undead flash mob!

  2. bat says:

    Heh. I was inspired by that television service that lets you pause and go into another room and resume watching from there. We all know that television is too vital to miss a few seconds of. :/

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