[New Deity] Nazla-Kha



The candles flickered dimly as the night wore on. A wizard sat patiently in the small hours in his little study. Footsteps could be heard shuffling up the stairs, the door creaked open and a figure strolled into the room and sat opposite the mage on a silk cushion.

You called for me, to teach you a spell perhaps?” the thing asked the wizard.

Sheepishly the magic-user looked up and locked eyes with Nazla-Kha. Piercing red eyes that spoke of ancient intelligent evil looked back from the dark face of a baboon.

I would know a spell that I cannot find, master,” the wizard replied.

The thing grinned, revealing large ivory canine teeth.

I teach you a spell and you do me a favor at some time, sound like a deal?” the thing asked.

Nervously the wizard looked around, as if he could find some other way.

I agree, yes master,” the mage answered, the subtle sound of defeat in his voice.

Very well, let’s get on with this spell!” the god Nazla-Kha said exuberantly, another wizard was at his beck and call, just the way he liked it.



Greater Deity

Nazla-Kha, The Bringer of Madness, The Dread Ape
Alignment: Chaotic
Spheres of Influence: Magic, Madness, Mayhem

Symbol: A silhouette of an upright baboon
Typical Worshipers: Evil or desperate sorcerers, ape cultists, madmen

Hit Points (if you need them): 250

The Dread Ape is a sinister deity, more akin to a lord of the Infernal Planes than a proper god. Nazla-Kha most often appears as a baboon that walks upright and has a supremely evil look about him. The Bringer of Madness delights in causing trouble everywhere he goes and while he tries to be low key at times his ambitions often get the better of him and he ruins a city or causes a few wars to break out, he just cannot help himself.

What sets this deity apart from many of his Chaotic companions is his deep rooted need to sew evil with flair and a touch of the dramatic. Nazla-Kha loves making an entrance, scary everyone that he can and leaving a few bodies behind. Or corrupting an entire civilization, it really doesn’t matter to this odd deity as long as his misdeeds are done with style.


Abilities: Nazla-Kha can cast any seven Cleric, Illusionist, or Magic-User spells up to three times per day as an 14th level cleric, illusionist or wizard respectively, typically focusing on strange, nightmarish illusions and wizard spells that control others or cause fear. Once per day Nazla-Kha may teach an individual (of a spellcasting class) a spell that they did not previously know. The Dread Ape fights as a 14th level Fighter with Plagueblade, an intelligent short sword (IQ16) that can cause its victims to make a save versus poisons at -2 or contract any of a variety of ills and diseases in addition to dealing 1d12+4 points of damage in combat. Nazla-Kha can also bite or claw for 1d10+4 points of damage.


Awe: The Bringer of Madness is quite eerie to behold, being a jet black baboon that walks upright and looks intelligent. All mortals who face Nazla-Kha in combat are -2 to Hit the deity. This fiendish deity often uses spells that cause fear or horror to heighten this effect.


Honor Guard: Nazla-Kha prefers to operate alone, causing destruction and madness as a solo project although he may, at his whim, have 2d6 illusionists and magic-users around, all between 3-7 in level of ability.


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