[New Spell] Weaponshield


Hey, you left your staff down there next to the stream,” Valance informed Chalk.

Shhhh!” the wizard replied. “Yes, I know, I am watching that spot from up here.”

The priest of the Spider God sat down beside the wizard and peeked down into the vale.

Several moments later a man in simple robes strolled cautiously along the stream and spied the gnarled staff.

Chalk stood and started yelling at the man and waving his arms. Too late, the man grasped the staff and electricity ran along the staff and up the man’s arms. He dropped dead on the spot. Chalk ran down to reclaim his staff.

Well that is too bad,” Chalk said. “He was not my intended target and obviously he could not stand the jolt.”

We’d better bury the body before some nosy constable or ranger comes poking along,” Valance suggested.

Chalk nodded and looked around for observers as the two prepared a shallow grave for the unlucky young wizard.


Weaponshield (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent until dispelled or discharged

The magic-user spell is used primarily to protect an unattended weapon of some sort, and can easily be used when trying to trap or surprise the unsuspecting. A weapon is enchanted with Weaponshield and from then on only the true owner of the weapon can wield it, anyone else will cause the spell to go off, which will causes 1d6+2 points of damage (this may be electricity, fire, thorns of metal or wood or something else, the type of damage is up to the caster and may be used against a particular foe that the wizard knows will mostly likely grab the weapon, which can cause additional damage).

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