[New Spell] Conjure Herald

Conjure Herald

Chalk and his companions sat lazily in front of the rustic inn just inside the town of Cobble. Koram got up to grab another ale when a trumpet sounded that got everyone’s attention. A spindly man strolled confidently into view bearing a strangely curved horn.

Rignat the Sorcerer of Shardis approaches!” the man announced.

The adventurers snickered and joked among themselves. The herald stomped on the dirt road and got everyone’s attention.

This Rignat fellow must be very important!” Valance exclaimed.

We’d best be on our good behavior!” Nysser suggested to the others.

I’m still not convinced,” Chalk said wryly.


Conjure Herald (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Self

Duration: One day per level of magic-user.

This odd wizard spell summons a herald of a type that coincides with the alignment/outlook of the caster; oftentimes this is an extra-planar creature, but at other times it is a person or creature from the wilds or a personage from a large city, in any case this summoned herald will extoll the virtues (or notoriety) of the caster and make the wizard’s presence known to all and sundry and for this purpose and the duration of the spell the herald will have at least 2HD and at least a 14 in Constitution and Charisma. Regardless of type, this conjured herald will appear garishly dressed, sporting a musical instrument of some type. This herald can be sent ahead of the caster as a messenger or to proclaim the impending arrival of the caster.

Optional: The caster may cast this spell for another person, but at half of the duration.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Conjure Herald

  1. OSRbaron says:

    Question regarding spell level: Why is it listed as 3rd level? Seems like a 1st level spell to me.

    • bat says:

      No real reason other than I don’t see scrubs as needing heralds, well, and the fact that it is raising the stats of another creature to such a level.

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