[New Spell] Borrow from Plane

Borrow from Plane

The efreeti watched in alarm as a human hand grasped through the sudden hole in the wall in the City of Brass and collected a handful of fire before disappearing.

We really need to do something about that,” he said to no one in particular.

And that is how I started the fire,” Chalk explained to the others moments later. “Even though our gear is soaking wet.”

Do you ever worry about something grabbing back at you?” Valance asked.

Well, I hadn’t until you mentioned it just now,” replied the wizard.


Borrow from Plane (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: Self

Duration: Immediate

When cast, the Borrow from Plane spell allows the caster to safely take a handful of some material from an elemental plane. This material may be as simple as fire or a rock or it may come from further out in the inner planes, like tar, ash or smoke, regardless of the material, the magic-user is safe from its affects while this material is in hand, once it is let go, dropped, etc the magic-user may be harmed by the substance just like anyone else. It is theoretically possible to try to grab a handful of some material from the outer planes, but this has a 15% chance of something grabbing back and trying to pull the caster (35% chance of success) back to its own plane so a wise wizard might think twice before trying to grab a shapeshifting rock from the everchanging floors of Limbo.

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