[New Magic Item] Shell of Calming

Shell of Calming

The adventurers stood on the pier overlooking the ocean, a ship could be seen on the horizon, making its way towards shore.

“I don’t care what you have, I am not going,” Nysser repeated.

Chalk held the seashell aloft.

“It will grant us safe passage, I swear it,” the wizard said.

“The ocean is full of sharks and they want to eat me, their god has it in for me,” the thief said.

As if to punctuate the statement a dark shape could be seen swimming near the pier, a fin barely cutting the surface of the water.

Chalk knelt and leaned over, dipping his head in the water he then blew the horn and the shark swam quickly away.

“See?” Chalk said when he pulled himself back up onto the pier.

“And really,” Valance stated stoically. “Their are much worse deities to offend. Can you imagine what the enemies of the Spider God have to deal with?”

“Probably the same horrors as its priests” Nysser replied as he bit his lip and stared into the deep waters.

This beautiful conch shell is sought after by adventurers delving into dangerous waters and hated by the monsters that await them. Thought to have been created by an obscure deity that protected ocean adventurers (both air breathing and water breathing) this wondrous magic item only works when blown underwater and has no effect on the surface except to make an enchanting sound.

Benefit: When blown underwater this magical seashell sends out waves of calming that cause all creatures (except undead, who are immune to this magic item) to save versus spells at -2 to or become non-aggressive towards the user of the magic item. Those who do make their saving throw are still -2 to hit in combat.

Usable by: Anyone.

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