[New Magic Item] The Staff that hides you from the Gods

The Staff that hides you from the Gods

Stork and Vistis the Blue Mage were once again bargaining with some shady characters. The hooded and robed figures sat near a blanket full of odd looking items and artifacts. Suddenly a frazzled looking man came running up carrying a strange stone staff.

You need to take this thing back!” the man said desperately.

We cannot,” one of the robed figures replied stoically.

The man looked over his shoulder nervously then threw the staff onto the blanket and ran off before he could be stopped. As he hurried out of sight a terrifying scream could be heard, then silence.

We have another item on the market it seems,” one of the cloaked beings said.

Stork looked at Vistis and the two sorcerers backed away slowly.

Another artifact left in the world to cause chaos, the Staff the hides you from the Gods was created by Kovul, Snyre and Weja, the Mocking Gods (q.v.) , three lesser deities that are forever jealous of all other deities. Through their strange, inhuman servants known only as the Tokli these weird gods distribute many awful things to the world, and this odd staff is among them. Made of an unearthly hard stone, this magical staff has swirls of black, white and gray running along its length.

Benefit: The Staff that hides you from the Gods will do just that; at the cost of one Charisma point per day a spellcaster possessing this staff may hide themselves and up to four companions from all deities (except, unbeknownst to any, the Mocking Gods Kovul, Snyre and Weja who are attuned to all that the wielder of the staff does). In this way any mischief (or great deeds) done cannot be seen by the deities themselves. Four every three points of Charisma drained in this way a Constitution point also will fade away as the possessor of the staff looks more sickly and emaciated. Letting the staff out of one’s immediate possession for one week will restore all lost Charisma and Constitution. However, any deities that were intentionally looking for the possessor will suddenly be aware of their presence again. In combat the staff does 1d8+2 damage.

Usable by: Any spellcasting class although only a foolish priest or cleric would be caught dead with such a thing.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] The Staff that hides you from the Gods

  1. Eric says:

    Oh I can see so many uses for this item! Oh hmmm may be this thing might make its way over to a science fiction style game soon! I wonder if it would work for a God like Emperor? Hmmm I might have such fun with this! hahaha

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