[New Spell] Child of Long Forgotten Gods

Child of the Long Forgotten Gods

Nysser slumped over the bar drunkenly.

I’ll have another!” the thief said and three a few copper coins onto the weathered oak bar.

What has gotten into him?” Koram whispered to Chalk.

I think one of those weird sorcerers put a spell on him in Thraki, he keeps mumbling about old gods and his lineage,” the wizard whispered back.

I am a son of Klirkalir the Shapeshifter!” Nysser roared. “I can prove it!”

The thief stood up and before a roomful of onlookers he changed his shape rapidly from elf to human to orc to something nobody in the inn had seen before.

Well, that isn’t going to end well for us,” Koram told the others as he grabbed for his sword.

Valance! We need spiders! Knat, can you warp some wood for us? Scholar of Wexos, we need anything you can throw at them!” Chalk shouted.

Spells and chairs began flying in equal numbers.


Child of the Long Forgotten Gods (Illusionist)

Level 4

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent until dispelled

This illusionist spell implants a strong sensation into the target who fails a save versus spells at -1 that he or she is a reincarnation of a long lost deity. This feeling can make the subject of the spell feel superior to others (seeks to dominate those of other faiths, brags on and on about their parent deity) or suspicious of others and a bit paranoid (“Why am I a mortal now?” “Am I being hunted?”). The longer that the spell has a hold of the victim the more intense they will become, doing things such as starting wars on behalf of their deity or building temples and shrines to this forgotten deity.

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