[New Spell] Leaving a Reminder

Leaving a Reminder

Haven’t we encountered these bugbears before?” Koram asked as he drew his Crystal Sword.

Let’s see….” Chalk began as he consulted a scrap of paper he had concealed upon his person. “Do any of them have a glowing green number on their foreheads?”

Yes, one does, a five,” Valance replied, pointing at a particularly gruff looking bugbear.

Then yes we have,” Chalk said as he prepared a spell. “So it would behoove us to deal with them properly, they are already mad at us.”

No madder than most anything else we encounter,” Valance quipped.


Leaving a Reminder (Arcane)

Level 1

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent unless magically removed.

This simple spell allows a magic-user or one of his or her companions to leave a mark on a target struck in combat that fails a save versus spells at -2. This mark is usually quite small but is noticeable and can take any shape that the wizard desires, from a glowing circle to a “burning”number to a crawling and writing scar. While primarily meant to embarrass the victim the spell can also be used to mark certain individuals for a variety of reason. To remove this mark the spell Remove Curse must successfully be cast upon a subject of this spell.

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One Response to [New Spell] Leaving a Reminder

  1. trey says:

    Zorro’s or the Spider’s favorite spell. 🙂

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