[New Spell] Face of Stone

Face of Stone

Stork looked the constable directly in the eye.

Of course that dagger isn’t stolen, it has been in my family for generations,” the wizard replied coolly.

The dour man turned the dagger over in his hands several times, it really looked like one as described by the strange merchant prince as having been stolen.

Then it must be so,” the constable finally said, heaving a sigh and handing the dagger back to Stork. The wizard nodded and placed the dagger in its sheath at his belt and then Stork and his companion departed.

Moments later, when two sorcerers were outside of earshot of the authorities Stork smiled thinly.

That is an excellent spell,” he told Vistis the Blue Mage. “Too bad you cannot use it yourself.”

Indeed,” replied the illusionist from behind his thick lacquered mask.

Face of Stone (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: Two rounds per level of illusionist.

The Face of Stone spell causes the caster, or someone touched by them, to be able to mask any emotion that would normally be betrayed by facial expressions. This means that anyone trying to see through the spell will be at -2 to detect a lie or deception by non-magical means. Many tricksters and con artists find it beneficial to have this spell cast upon them before a big scam is pulled off. The origins of this spell are uncertain but it is rumored to have been whispered by a fiendish lord of the Infernal Realms to one of the mage-merchants of Sakiki-Sakaku.

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