[New Deity] Nothka, Lure of the Deep Waters



The man looked up serenely from the surrounding calm waters, he was in a conversation with the druidess Knat. She looked over her shoulder as she sat on the edge of the pier.

Nysser, are you still apprehensive?” she asked the elf thief.

The thief looked nervously around as he stood on the land then he pointed at the water, mouth agape in horror. A titanic dark shape loomed menacingly in the water.

It is fine, Nothka has promised us safe passage to his realm and to the land on the other side of the ocean,” the druidess replied.

Just then something broke the surface of the water, the leering face of a monstrous shark could now be seen, its hateful eyes focused on Nysser. The elf turned and ran further inland. With a motion the sea god waved the shark away and after what seemed like a struggle on the part of the fish, it finally broke and swam away angrily.





Greater Deity

Nothka, Lure of the Deep Waters
Alignment: Neutral
Spheres of Influence: Oceans, Marine Life, Water

Symbol: A field of rolling waves
Typical Worshipers: Underwater races, coastal villagers, some sailors

Hit Points (if you need them): 250

Known by many as the Lure of the Deep Waters, Nothka the god of oceans and seas is a generally placid deity, content to rule his underwater realm for the most part. However at other times, for unknown reasons, Nothka calls to land dwellers or seeks those that wish to be a part of the sea and brings them into is breathtaking cities that are deep beneath the waves.


While mostly content to stay under the waves, Nothka has been known to venture onto dry land for reasons of his own. The Lure of the Deep Waters appears as a beardless thin elderly man dress in ornate finery, tall and gaunt, yet always looking calm or even cheerful.


Abilities: Nothka can cast any ten Druid or Magic-User spells up to three times per day as an 13th level priest or wizard respectively, focusing on spells that deal with the elements, water in particular and those spells that summon underwater creatures. In addition, the Lure of the Deep Waters can simply touch any being and give them the ability to breathe water as if it were air indefinitely (this deity can also remove this ability at any time thereafter, regardless of distance from the subject). Nothka fights as a 13h level Fighter, usually wielding a +2 short sword and wearing +3 scale armor, however tries to avoid combat and use magic whenever possible, most often summoning underwater creatures to do his bidding.


Awe: Nothka is an impressive sight to behold, all non-deities are -2 to strike this deity in combat.


Honor Guard: Nothka can have 2d12 human-sized marine creatures around him at a given time and will often be accompanied by two dragon turtles of the largest size although this deity can summon most any underwater creature to his aid.

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