[New Magic Item] Steer Stones

Steer Stones

Why don’t you throw that rock away?” Chalk asked Nysser.

It brings good luck!” replied the thief.

Like when you wandered off yesterday when we needed help?” the wizard posed another question.

That was a bit odd, but what about the manticore we took down, it was my lucky shot that did it,” Nysser said.

Wouldn’t that have been because of the enchanted arrow that you used?” Koram asked.

Nysser suddenly got up and strolled off into the woods.

Now what?” Chalk barely got out before the ogre pounced.

These curious stones always come in pairs, with one usually looking polished and impressive, the other dull and bland. The trick is to get a subject in some way to take over possession of the shiny stone so that the bearer of the dull stone can control the direction that the person or creature takes. Clever villains make the shiny stone out to be some sort of good luck charm and may even take steps to prove this, thus making the bearer want to keep a hold of the stone.

Benefit: When a person has given another the polished steer stone the bearer of the dull partner stone may attempt to control the direction taken by that person or animal, who will not realize that they are moving against their will in whatever direction is chosen for them. The bearer of the dull stone must roll above the Wisdom score of their chosen victim to take over the direction that they are moving with a modifier of +1. This effect lasts for two turns per level of the “driver” and may be used twice per day. If the bearer of the shiny stone somehow loses, drops or otherwise no longer has possession of their stone the enchantment no longer works until another person, monster, creature can be found to take over the magical bauble.

Usable by: Anyone.

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